Cody Half-Moon Grissom

Marketing Director

Cody Half-Moon White has served almost every major industry, marketing, consulting, and writing for her clients in oil and gas, print publications, biotech, commercial services, insurance, art, music, real estate, and freelance services. A Texas native, Cody grew up in the Heights and attended Sam Houston State University to earn her degree in Mass Communications. ​In 2014, after a successful career working as a writer, lead change manager, and marketing consultant, Cody began working exclusively in strategy/marketing consulting, content writing, search engine optimization, and design.

Through her own marketing agency, Half-Moon Media, LLC, Cody serves Circa Real Estate as a full-time Marketing Director and consultant. Leading Circa Real Estate’s community involvement efforts, digital exposure, and brand, Cody helps Circa Real Estate and its agents find success in the world of marketing real estate.

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