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Thank you to Circa for all you did for me in this process—from your referral of a title company, to saving me a percentage of the costs/fees (which was so very much appreciated) and for assigning Ana to us… she is a fireball and so much fun! She asserted herself when necessary, in a very calm, graceful, and gentle manner with pleasantries.

John S.

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Circa Real Estate has chosen to remain Independent and Locally Owned since we opened our doors. Why does this matter to you? Why haven’t we bought out to a larger, international real estate corporation? The answer is simple. We want to stay rooted in our community, and we want to offer genuine service, better accountability, and complete customization for marketing services and for our clients.

Because we Keep It Local, Circa can better give back to our community. Circa donates to neighborhood schools, provides a free gallery for local artists, joins in on community Chamber and neighborhood association organizations, and supports Houston’s culture. Our agents get hands-on guidance from our Houston-resident owner, and our clients enjoy a personal connection with real local experts.

At the end of the day, we don’t answer to anyone but our clients.

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