Tremaine Thomas

Director of Business Development

In 2005 Tremaine officially became an honorary Texan. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tremaine was driven west by the devastating Hurricane Katrina. He quickly found himself setting root in the great State of Texas and calling it home. Holding many titles in a wide range of occupations, he has always expressed a desire and interest in the world of Real Estate. After pursuing his Business Management Degree at Texas Southern University, Tremaine continued his professional path in the fields of Troubled Youth Counseling, Restaurant Hospitality, Public Affairs and Homeland Security. Having the opportunity to visit 25 countries in 2yrs, Tremaine quickly realized most of what we seek after is usually right in front of us: HOME! Joining the ‘Circonian Family’ has allowed him to flourish in business development tasks, networking events, community engagement and all things Real Estate. In his free time, Tremaine enjoys Fishing, Golfing, Cycling, Running, Swimming, Hiking, Sparing, Bowling, Community Outreach, and Time spent with Family.

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